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ABOUT Capt Evan

Having grown up in Seminole Florida Captain Evan Denis he has been surrounded by some of the best fishing the state of Florida has to offer.  The Capt. is USCG Licensed and insured with first aid training, so there isn't anything you will have to worry about on the water. Evan has spent many years on the water learning where the fish are and the patterns that they follow. He will work hard to make sure that you are on the fish whether it be snook in the passes, tailing redfish on the flats, or huge schools of tarpon along the beaches.

The Boat

The Dorado 23 is the ultimate guide boat for both the guide and the customers. The Dorado 23 has plenty of room while fishing with up to 4 guests, and the livewell has the capacity to hold plenty of bait for the whole day of fishing. The boat has dry storage to make sure that valuables don't get ruined and room for rain gear if needed. Mercury 225 hp Fourstroke engine is what pushes the boat up to 45 mph and dual Power-Poles help stop and anchor the boat in shallow water for fishing. When the Power-poles can't reach Capt. Evan will use the GPS trolling motor to hold us in place or to sneak up on the fish in the shallows. Yeti coolers keep your drinks cold and double as a place to sit. 

Dorado 23 Bay boat - Mercury 225 V6 - Power-Pole blade
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